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I can't choose, pleeeze help me! Okay okay, I'll admit this is a luxury problem, it's just that this site has got so much to offer it's a bit overwhelming. Super handy search options and looks well-organized. A lot of people seem to agree with me too, or there wouldn't be so many to get in touch with. I have ONE small request, if there are men looking for a hot threesome, send me a message? (*wink*) xxx
· 16 ·
Warning: If you are looking for a long-term relationship you MIGHT find it, but most ladies here want sexual encounters without any further attachments and hot/steamy one night stands. You won't hear me complain :) but just wanted to inform you. By the way, I didn't know so many beautiful and horny women lived so close by, up till now I haven't had any trouble finding sex in my neighbourhood. Good luck y'all!
· 28 ·
Soooo excited... tonight I had online sex with someone I met here, I was pretty nervous but fortunately he was very sweet and understanding. I really felt sparks fly and we're both hoping to continue seeing each other soon!
· 5 ·
I had my doubts as well, but you gotta believe me man, since I subscribed (it's free, so why don't ya give it a try) I've been approached by women looking for sex so many times already, I have a full calender for the next two months! I do have one suggestion though, just make sure you use your personal profile page to your advantage. Tell the ladies who you are and what you are looking for and add a picture while you're at it. And then... just wait and see my friend.
· 12 ·
So many sexy girls here, but can someone tell me if they can be taken seriously (sorry girls)? I've had some bad experiences on other websites, you know. Does anyone have any positive experiences here? I'm very curious and would love to try to get in touch with some (okay, I really mean a lot) of the women.
· 3 ·